Boat Repair and Maintenance

Using the Dust Muzzle for Marine Applications

Boatyard Repair

Boat Repair and Maintenance

Virtually all motor yachts, sailboats, work boats, commercial ships and naval craft that have been built in the last 100 years are constructed of materials that, when repaired or maintained, create large amounts of toxic dusts. The materials include fiberglass, gel coat, copper based anti-fouling paint, biocide based anti-fouling paint, and epoxy paints, metallic dusts and linear polyurethane based topside paints. Dust is also created when refinishing teak decks and sanding wooden hulls.

If you own a boat, regular care is required to maintain and prolong the life of your investment. Repairs and maintenance to restore and maintain a boat could include things like resurfacing blisters that formed in the gel coat, replacing the bottom paint (with anti-fouling paint) to sanding teak decks.

Marine Composites, Fiberglass, Repair and Painting

Over the years a popular view of fiberglass boats has been that they require less maintenance and are far more durable then the wooden ones that precede them. Unfortunately, there is not a boat on the market that is maintenance free; free from the effects of the environment or forces of nature. In addition to environment and forces of nature other items like damage from a collision or groundings are some of the most common reasons why a boat might need to be repaired. Fiberglass boats however, also suffer from age related problems such as blisters that form in the gel coat. Prolonging or restoring any boat will require an understanding of how to repair and maintain it safely and effectively.

Using the Dust Muzzle for Marine Applications

The rituals of Spring Commissioning are finally here, and as countless boaters prepare for the season they have many things to think about. Whether you are dealing with having to replace the bottom paint on your boat, need to grind and repair the blisters that have formed in your gel coat or even sand your teak deck to bring back the original richness of the wood… the Dust Muzzle has many applications to help you repair and maintain your boat safely.


Using the Dust Muzzle During Bottom Paint Replacement

When boats are hauled out of the water for replacement of bottom paint, old paint often has to be sanded or ground off to prep the hull for new coat of paint. It is important to understand the hazards that are associated with the copper based anti-fouling paint below the water line. Copper paint is used for its effectiveness in stopping the growth of algae, the growth of coral and discouraging worms from making the bottom of your boat their new home. While copper paint has its effectiveness in protecting a boat from marine growth is also very poisonous. Copper paint is so toxic that workers have to put on a HAZMAT suit during hull preparation. Copper paint is not only highly toxic to the worker but also to the environment. It is important that you take the necessary measures to assure the paint does not get into the harbor for two reasons, 1) it will affect water quality (which the EPA regulates) and 2) if you do pollute there will be a huge fine to pay!

How to Use the Dust Muzzle for Boatyard Repairs

The original Dust Muzzle and the Dust Muzzle Ultra are excellent at containing and collecting all the airborne pollutants created in the marine repair business including fiberglass, asbestos, anti-fouling paint and wood dusts.

The Dust Muzzles will fit any pneumatic or electric 4-5” or 7-9” grinder.

When used with 4 ½ or 7” silica carbide (Zec™) wheels for blister repair jobs, they allow the operator to remove large amounts of fiberglass quickly and dust free.

When removing anti-fouling bottom paints, they can be used with a 3M or Ferro soft pad and pressure sensitive paper to collect all toxic bottom paints efficiently and with no obstruction to the worker’s view.

They are excellent for containing the wood dust when sanding and re-finishing teak decks. They allow the worker to do the work in the water without setting up booms and overboard dust collection systems.

The Dust Muzzle has the flexibility needed when working on the curved surfaces of a hull or when removing large amounts of damaged fiberglass. For steel and aluminum boats and ships, the Dust Muzzle is perfect for removing anti-fouling paint and topside paints.

For doing fine finishing work on fiberglass molds, the Dust Muzzle is also available for 2”-3” right angle die grinders. These are also useful for mold polishing and removal of toxic coatings in hard to get to places.

When cutting holes with core bits and hole saws, the Dust Muzzle DC is perfect for dustless drilling holes up to 3” in diameter.

At Dust Collection Products, the soul of our philosophy is to focus on helping the marine trades create safe and toxic free marine environments by providing the Dust Collection tools they need for all of their marine applications.

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