Concrete Cutting, Grinding and Resurfacing Safety

Using the Dust Muzzle Ultra™ Heavy Duty to Collect Toxic Dust

builder working with cutting grinder on concrete

Concrete Construction Masonry Construction

Today’s builders and designers recognize the value concrete adds to their plans. Concrete binds structures together, adds support, and adds aesthetically pleasing architectural elements to a building. Concrete functions as the centerpiece to some of the most breathtaking construction projects. Masonry construction adds to that beauty by providing beautiful walls and floors made with brick and stone bound by concrete. Concrete masonry units add color, dimension, and texture to architectural stone veneers and stability to foundations. Contractors use tools like grinders and cutters to sculpt and resurface the perfect custom designs. While there are many advantages to concrete’s use, there are also disadvantages that contractors have to consider before construction begins.

Concrete Cutting, Grinding and Resurfacing Safety

The extensive use of concrete and masonry products in construction today including remodels, renovations and painting forces contractors to plan ahead. Whether a contractor is simply cutting into the floor of an older home or resurfacing a pool… it is necessary for that builder to know how the rules and regulations of OSHA affect the approach to each of their projects. Worker safety and the environment they work in are highly affected by cutting, grinding, and resurfacing techniques. Grinding surfaces like fiberglass, concrete, wood, paint and epoxies can create toxic dusts that lead to the potential exposure of hazardous substances in the air.

Using the Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty to Collect Toxic Dust

Substances like dust and fibers are found in the construction environment. Some examples of dust and fibers that are characteristic to the construction environment include silica dust also known as crystalline silica dust, asbestos fibers, metal dust, lead-based paint dust and fiberglass fibers. Issues that can arise from fiber exposure and dust exposure not only include the obvious health issues to construction workers, but also increase the likelihood the contractor may be in violation of OSHA’s rules and regulations.

Concrete Construction and Masonry Construction Worker Safety

All Dust Muzzle Dust Collectors are excellent at collecting toxic dust… they provide the tools needed to aid contractors in meeting the strict safety and compliance regulations on collecting silica dust which are set by OSHA. Silica dust is created during trip abatement, crack chasing, and during repairs on concrete structures. In addition to trip abatement on sidewalks, silica dust is also created during floor preparation for decorative stains, cutting into warehouse floors to run new sub-flooring wiring for electronics, and during the repair of pool decks. To keep your business safe and in compliance with OSHA rules and regulations use Dust Muzzle Dust Collectors for all of your construction needs… they will aid in you in your plan to keep workers safe.

Concrete Construction and Masonry Construction Protecting the Environment

Dust Muzzle Dust Collectors can also aid construction and masonry professionals with EPA compliance. EPA rules govern many things including the release of toxic pollutants into harbors and fresh waterways such as (rivers, lakes, etc.). Silica dust is an airborne and water-borne byproduct (pollutant) of construction so it is important to be aware of how your projects not only affect your workers health… but also the health of the environment in which you work. Grinding concrete on a painted bridge is an example of how this byproduct (pollutant) is created.

Concrete Construction and Masonry Construction Worker Safety and the Environment

The EPA set forth a rule known as the (RRP) just a few years ago which covers the hazards created during renovations, repairs, remodels, and painting. The rule requires that contractors test homes built prior to 1978. This rule states that the contractor must test for the presence of lead paint and if that test is positive the contractor needs to have a plan for dust collection during the remodel or while painting that home. OSHA has also determined that silica dust is the new asbestos. Silica Dust can lead to pulmonary disease such as silicosis of the lungs, which is why it is necessary for every contractor to have a dust collection plan to aid in the prevention of any hazardous substances from affecting worker’s health and the health of the environments in which they work.

With the Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty, you can contain and collect all the airborne pollutants created in the construction business including silica dust, asbestos, toxic metals, lead-based paint and fiberglass.

This new Dust Collection product is:

Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty

  • The Most Durable Universal Dust Muzzle
  • Flip up panels for grinding close to the wall
  • Fits for all 4-5″ and 7-9″ grinders
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Accepts both 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ hoses

The Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty comes in two sizes. The DMUHD5 fits all 4″-5″ grinders and the DMUHD8 fits all 7″-9″ grinders. When the Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty is connected to a 2hp industrial vacuum it is the most efficient and durable Dust Muzzle available for right angle grinders.

At Dust Collection Products, the soul of our philosophy is to focus on helping concrete designers, concrete contractors, masonry contractors and decorative flooring contractors create form and function in their concrete designs while providing them with the tools needed to maintain a safe environment that is dust free and fiber free.

Dust Collection Products provides the Dust Collection tools that concrete and flooring contractors need to eliminate silica dust, fiberglass, drywall dust, anti-fouling paint and other toxic contaminates. We help them put form and function in all of their concrete grinding, concrete repairs, fiberglass repairs, and decorative flooring projects.

Dust Collection Products, helping concrete and flooring contractors manage their concrete business in a DUST FREE environment.

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