Concrete, Bricks, Mortars, Saw Cutting, Concrete Cutting and Modern Architecture

Complete Dustless Systems for Saw Cutting with Circular Saws


Concrete, Bricks, Mortars, Saw Cutting, Concrete Cutting and Modern Architecture

Many techniques can be applied to concrete for imparting aesthetic finishes. Concrete can be used to add style to any indoor or outdoor setting. Distressed finishes, stone surfaces and warm masculine colors can evoke older world elements turning your ordinary patio into a Tuscan scene. Walls, walkways, driveways, patios, steps, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and fountains are just a few of the features you can design using concrete. By applying subtle shades of gray in large geometric areas, interpretations of modern style can be achieved using concrete.

Concrete functions as the centerpiece to some of the most breathtaking construction projects. Brick-lined pathways, scalloped edges and symmetrical lines are all types of traditional textured patterns you can achieve using bricks and mortars. Brick is a popular medium used in the construction of buildings and homes. Traditional brickwork is produced using bricks and mortar. Tuck pointing is a technique the masonry industry uses to design brickwork facades. By combining two contrasting colors of mortars in mortar joints a decorative element in architectural composition comes to life.

Concrete contractors can bring surfaces to life using a technique called decorative saw cutting and scoring. There are many tools available for cutting patterns into concrete to create dramatic affects. Contractors can use hand held saws or special engraving tools which were specifically designed to score concrete. With concretes many uses it is important for every contractor to be aware of the many dangers as well.

Concrete Dust Control and Safety

Air quality and safety are the main purposes for using a dust collection system. The silica content of concrete and mortar increases the risk of silicosis in the concrete construction and masonry industry. Ongoing exposure to airborne silica dust can damage a person’s lung and overtime reduce their capacity to breath normally.

Research indicates there is a link between exposure to silica dust over long periods of time and lung related diseases as a result including lung cancer, tuberculosis and COPD. This fact has made OSHA strengthen their worker safety standards.

As a contractor you must ensure your workers are being protected. You must take the measures necessary to reduce your workers exposure to silica dust. To make sure you stay compliant with OSHA standards, consider creating a complete dustless system for during your next concrete construction project with Dust Collection Products line of dust collectors.

Complete Dustless Systems for Saw Cutting with Circular Saws

There are generally five components needed for a complete point of origin dust control system for cutting concrete the saw, the cutting blade, the dust collector (Saw Muzzle), the vacuum and the step-down hose.

Dust Collection Products keeps a full inventory of all these components as well as accessories such as the Blade Roller, Skateplate and Heavy Duty Stand-Up Rolling Cart in their San Diego warehouse, ready for same day shipping.

The preferred method for cutting faux grout lines and expansion joints is the Skil™ or Bosch Model 77 type worm drive circular saws. When this saw is mounted on a Blade Roller or a Skateplate and fitted with a Saw Muzzle, it is capable of collecting up to 99% of the silica dust as long as it is connected to a standard 2hp industrial vacuum. Dust Collection Products has a complete inventory of vacuums as well as a selection of faux grout line, 1/4” kerf square cut blades, .250” crack chasing blades and standard .100” kerf turbo and segmented saw blades. All blades have the diamond knockout for the Skil and Bosch worm drive saws.

Dust Collection Products also has a deep inventory of hose ends, unions and splitters for their 2hp Nacecare vacuum systems.

When cuts longer than a couple hundred feet are to be made, the Standup Rolling Cart is recommended as the best way to save a worker’s knees. This heavy-duty rolling cart will carry both the Bosch and Skil worm drive saws. It weighs almost 20 pounds and is made from industrial grade aluminum and mounted on large urethane wheels. It tracks excellently and triggers from the handle so the workers never have to get on their knees.

The weak link in almost any system is the vacuum. An industrial vacuum should have 90 CFM (cubic feet/minute) airflow, at least 90” of static lift and a redundant filter system that includes a disposable bag as the primary filter. Dust Collection Products has industrial vacuums with these specs in three different sizes and price ranges. You can see the Nacecare Vacuum on our web page or call for tech support and options on the other similar industrial vacuums we carry.






The-Saw-Muzzle-and-Skil-Saw-Mounted-on-a-Blade-RollerComplete dustless systems are also available for concrete grinding, crack chasing, tuck pointing, demolition saws and much more…

Call us for expert technological assistance when setting up your complete dust collection system for saw cutting with circular saws on your next concrete construction project.

At Dust Collection Products, the soul of our philosophy is to focus on helping concrete contractors and masonry workers control the dust at their construction sites.

We want to help every concrete contractor and masonry worker create a safe and toxic free construction environment by providing the Dust Collection tools and systems they need for every construction project.

Dust Collection Products provides the Dust Collection tools that concrete contractors, masonry workers, demolition contractors, bridge repair contractors and bridge painters need to eliminate all airborne contaminates, toxic dust, silica dust, fiberglass, drywall dust, anti-fouling paint and other toxic contaminates.

Dust Collection Products, helping concrete contractors, masonry workers and decorative concrete contractors remove the silica dust made during construction, repair, maintenance, rehabilitation and remodeling projects in a DUST FREE Toxic FREE environment.

Dust Collection Products in San Diego manufactures and sells a complete line of dust collectors for hand tools.

If you need assistance during your next concrete construction project and are not sure which tools will provide the best results, call us today at 877-223-2154. We are happy to help!