Concrete Cutting Technology: Scored Concrete Floors and Saw Cutting

Making Clean, Professional Cuts in Concrete

Using the Saw Muzzle Cutting, Scoring and Cutting Faux Grout lines in Concrete


Decorative Saw Cutting and Safety

Concrete contractors can bring life to surface aesthetics through decorative saw cutting and scoring. A concrete floor doesn’t have to be dull or boring. By adding stain for color and grout lines for dimension a simple slab of concrete can be transformed into faux stone tile.

Decorative concrete artisans can bring out the sophistication in concrete by cutting customized patterns into the hard material or they can add a classy post-modern touch through polishing techniques.

Concrete’s design possibilities are endless. If you’re looking to modernize a home to add value or curb appeal, concrete can be enhanced in myriad ways by etching it, cutting it, staining it or pouring acid on it until the concrete has been rehabbed into something that is functional or just simply breath taking to look at. How a contractor chooses to design concrete is important, and just as important is how the contractor approaches safety during their concrete construction projects.

Concrete Technology: Scored Concrete Floors and Saw Cutting

Timeless works of concrete art can be produced through decorative saw cutting/scoring. Concrete starts out as a mixture of paste and aggregates and through a series of chemical reactions turns into the rock-like mass we know as concrete. By understanding the principals of concrete technology, a contractor can overcome concrete’s natural weakness and turn an ordinary form into a sculpted masterpiece.

Making Clean, Professional Cuts in Concrete

The intersection of perfectly defined lines during the concrete saw cutting process; can only be made through careful precision. Architecturally speaking, decorative saw cutting projects have to be accurate in their design, planning and approach.

There are many tools available for cutting patterns into concrete. Contractors can use hand held saws or special engraving tools which were specifically designed to score concrete. These tools create dramatic effects in concrete but they also create clouds of silica dust, a known health hazard that can result in silicosis of the lungs. If you need help during your next concrete saw cutting/scoring project try Dust Collection’s Saw Muzzle or their Saw Muzzle System to help keep your team safe and efficient.

Dustless Cutting Concrete with the Saw Muzzle

The Saw Muzzle has many applications for the decorative concrete trade. The Saw Muzzle can be used during floor repair, cutting faux grout lines, scoring a new slab or to prevent cracking. The most common use for the Saw Muzzle is silica dust collection, which is made while cutting expansion joints and scoring new concrete.

Using the Saw Muzzle: for Cutting, Scoring and Cutting Faux Grout lines in Concrete

When cutting faux grout lines in decorative stain patterns, the Saw Muzzle can be used with a ¼” kerf tuck pointing blade to make shallow cuts that mimic grout lines. They can then be either re-grouted or left, as they are to mimic a floor tile pattern in the decorative floor.

Saw Muzzle and Stand Up Rolling Cart for Dustless Cutting, Scoring, and Cutting Faux Grout lines in Concrete

Using the Saw Muzzle and Stand Up Rolling Cart for Longer Cuts in Concrete

When making longer cuts, the Saw Muzzle can be paired with one of the rolling carts. In some cases, up to 80,000 feet of cuts have to be made in large industrial warehouses to lay new cable for electronics. A worker cannot be on his knees for this much cutting. For these jobs the Saw Muzzle with the Stand Up Rolling Cart is the best combination to use. The Stand Up Rolling Cart accepts the Skil Model 77 Worm Drive saw and the Saw Muzzle. The operator can trigger the saw from the handle of the Rolling Cart. The Stand Up Rolling cart is made from heavy-gauge aluminum and has an excellent guide for cutting die-straight lines. The operator will never have to be on his knees.

Using the Saw Muzzle, Blade Roller  and Skate Plate for Shorter Cuts in Concrete

For shorter cuts, the Blade Roller and the Skate Plate are excellent rolling carts but the operator will not be able to work in the standing position.

Saw Muzzle and Skate Plate                                      Skil-SystemN_2

The Saw Muzzle and all the Dust Collection Products can be up to 99% efficient only when paired with, a quality industrial vacuum that has at least 90 CFM airflow, over 90” of static lift and an efficient filtration system.

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At Dust Collection Products, the soul of our philosophy is to focus on helping concrete and masonry contractors during their saw cutting and scoring projects. We want to help every concrete and masonry contractor create a safe and toxic free construction environment by providing the Dust Collection tools they need for all of their decorative saw cutting projects.

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