Dust Collection Products in San Diego manufactures and sells a complete line of dust collectors for hand tools.  One of the most commonly used dust collectors is the Saw Muzzle. It is available for  7-8” worm drive and hypoid saws including Skil, Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee and Makita. It is priced at $59.95 and is excellent at containing and collecting all silica dusts.

Dust Collection Products now carries a new blade (Grout Ripper, $169.95) that will work with the Saw Muzzle/Skil saw combination to remove all the soft grouts used in expansion joints including polyurethanes and epoxy fillers.

The 7” blade has a .250” kerf  and it removes a large amount of grout with minimal effort.  When used with the Saw Muzzle and a rolling cart it makes a tedious job effortless. Available with diamond knock-out and 5/8” arbor hole.

The Nacecare Dustless System for Cutting Faux Grout Lines with Skil™ Saw System is available with the Skateplate™ or our standup Heavy Duty Rolling Cart. See also Nacecare Dustless System for Cutting and Scoring with Skil™ Saws.


All Dust Collection Products dust collectors will work efficiently with an industrial vacuum (Nacecare 570 vacuum) that has at least 90” of static lift, 100 CFM of airflow and replaceable filter bags.

For technical support, call us at 877-223-2154.

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