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Dust Muzzle Heavy Duty Convertible

Dust Muzzle Ultra

Saw Muzzle

Universal Crack Chaser & Tuck-Pointer

Help Your Customers Become Compliant with EPA, RRP
2017 Silica Dust Collection Regulations

Stock our line of point-of-origin Dust Muzzles and Saw Muzzles and you will increase your sales of grinders, vacuums and diamond products.

Distributor Benefits:

A mix-and-match one order of any 12 pieces (normally under $500) will give you a 25% lifetime discount.

There are no minimums for future orders

Your store will be listed on our website as a distributor

We will give you a list of all Dust Muzzle and Saw Muzzle end users in your service area and enough brochures to do a mass mailing

All products are 100% guaranteed

We have a no-charge inventory exchange policy

Discounts of 33% and 50% are also available

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All of our products are attractively packaged for shelf and J-hook displays

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