Dust Collection Products in San Diego manufactures and sells a complete line of dust collectors for hand tools. They are used to contain radioactive concrete dust, paint and composites dust at nuclear sites. They have been used extensively at radioactively contaminated sites such as Hanford, Washington as well as on the Navy’s nuclear powered warships.

Typically, any equipment used in nuclear decontamination cannot leave the site. Because of its low cost and high efficiency, the Dust Muzzle can be affordably and safely burned and the remains sent to a low-level radioactive waste disposal site.

The most commonly used dust collector is the Dust Muzzle. It is available for 4-5” and 7-8” grinders. It is priced at $29.50 and is excellent at containing and collecting radioactive silica and other dusts that are created when grinding clean rooms or other contaminated structures at the nuclear facilities.

Because of the low cost of the Dust Muzzle, it can be affordably disposed when being used in contaminated areas. The Dust Muzzle is made from high density polypropylene and is easily burned in standard industrial incinerators.

Dust Collection Products can provide complete, compatible systems for grinding radioactive contaminants. We have an inventory of every part needed including the grinders, hose, diamond wheels and HEPA vacuums. Call for free technical advice.

All Dust Collection Products dust collectors will work efficiently with an industrial vacuum (Nacecare 570 vacuum)

that has at least 90” of static lift, 100 CFM of airflow and replaceable filter bags.

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