Dustless preparation of a floor to accept stains and overlays depends upon what coatings are on the old floor. It may be a multi-step process requiring 2-3 different abrasives.

The three wheels that are used in prepping floors are the silica carbide wheel, the double row diamond cup wheel and the turbo diamond cup wheel. These are all available in both 4-5” and 7” diameters.

Double Row Wheel, Silica Carbide Wheel and Turbo Wheel
(L to R) Double row wheel, silica carbide wheel and turbo wheel

If a floor has old paint, epoxy or other soft material on it, the silica carbide wheel (top of photo) is the most efficient way to remove the coatings. It is a 16 grit wheel designed to remove a lot of material very quickly. If the operator were to use a diamond cup wheel for this job it would go very slowly and the wheel would load up, requiring constant dressing.

Do not lean on the wheel. It should be swept lightly over the surface so that only the coating is removed. This also lengthens the life of the silica carbide wheel. Leave the profiling of the concrete to the diamond cup wheels.

If a silica carbide wheel is used with the large Dust Muzzle Ultra (DMU8), the operator will need to purchase an arbor extender so the wheel will extend to the bottom of the Dust Muzzle skirt.

Silica Carbide Wheel
A silica carbide wheel with an arbor extender

The job of profiling the concrete can be done with either a double row wheel or a turbo wheel depending upon what type of finish is acceptable.

Double Row Wheels

The double row wheel is typically more aggressive and can remove the material faster than a turbo wheel, but it can cause swirl marks. If a thick overlay is being used, some light swirl marks can probably be tolerated.

Turbo Wheels

These are good all-purpose wheels. They typically are less aggressive than a double row wheel but when they are held level to the work, tend to leave no marks. When a very smooth finish is needed, this is the best wheel to use.

Dust Collection

Dust Muzzles are available for both the 4-5” and the 7” diamond wheels and silica carbide wheels. The arbor extender is only needed when using the 7” silica carbide wheel with the large Dust Muzzle Ultra (DMU8). It is not needed with the 4-5” Dust Muzzle Ultra (DMU5).

All Dust Collection Products dust collectors will work efficiently with an industrial vacuum that has at least 90” of static lift, 100 CFM of airflow and replaceable filter bags. (Nacecare 570 vacuum)