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Dust Collection Products has been the leading manufacturer of dust collectors for hand tools since 1990.

At Dust Collection Products, we understand the importance of building smart, strategic partnerships with established retailers. We also know that successful business owners like you put a great deal of consideration into which products you choose to sell and which businesses you choose to partner with. By aligning your store with Dust Collection Products, you will also increase your sales of grinders, saws, vacuums and diamond products.

Dust Collection Products has the most complete line of dust collectors for hand tools covering multiple vertical markets. Our tool designs are backed by over 25 years of experience working with the concrete, fiberglass, painting and toxic dust removal trades. With this design experience, we can offer expert assistance in helping you bring your customers into EPA and OSHA toxic dust compliance.

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Increase Sales of Grinders, Saws, Vacuums and Diamond Products With Dust Collection Products

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