A. Install the Dust Muzzle (2) onto your grinder (1) as per the Dust Muzzle installation
instruction sheet (enclosed) and in such a way that the crack chasing wheel (3) is centered top
to bottom relative to the skirt of the Dust Muzzle. See Figure 2 for a completed assembly.

B. Attach your tuck pointer or crack chasing wheel (3) to the arbor of the grinder.

C. Attach the Adapter (4) to the Dust Muzzle.

D. Decide how deep you wish the wheel to cut and draw a straight line across the Dust Muzzle and the Adapter that represents the amount of Dust Muzzle to be removed in order to allow the
correct depth of cut by the wheel.

E. Remove the adapter, grinding wheel and the Dust Muzzle and with a stationary sander or angle sander, remove the part of the Dust Muzzle and/or Adapter necessary to expose the correct amount of the grinding wheel. DO NOT cut the Dust Muzzle with a knife or saw blade. Use a sander with 80-120 grit paper to remove material from the Dust Muzzle and adapter.

F. Reinstall the Dust Muzzle and the wheel on to the grinder and snap on the Adapter (4). Check that the flat spot on the Adapter matches the flat spot on the Dust Muzzle. If it doesn’t, fine tune either the adapter or the Dust Muzzle with a sander as per step E.G. Insert the vacuum fitting into the exhaust port of the Dust Muzzle. Use the releasable cable tie (supplied) to attach the vacuum hose to the handle of the tool or the electric cord.