The Dust Muzzle models DM2DC and DM3DC are made specifically for hole saws and core bits. The model DM2DC will work with hole saws and core bits up to 2″ in diameter and the model DM3DC will work with core bits from 2-3″ in diameter.

The Dust Muzzle DMDC is made for hands free operation. Any industrial vacuum with 90+ inches of static lift and 100+cubic feet per minute airflow (CFM) will allow the DMDC to adhere itself to any relatively smooth wall or ceiling.

  1. Use the DMDC with a lightweight 1 1/4″ vacuum hose. The extra weight of a heavier hose may cause the DMDC to peel off the wall or ceiling. Our part number Hose4 is a lightweight hose with the correct end fitting and is ideal for use with the DMDC. The Hose4 is only an extension to the standard 12 ft. x 1 1/2″ heavy duty hose that comes with most industrial vacuums.
  2. Mark the center of the hole to be drilled.
  3. Turn the vacuum on and place the DMDC on the wall, ceiling or floor, centered over the mark.
  4. Put the core bit or hole saw through the center of the DMDC and begin drilling. The notches in the inside ringof the DMDC will create a vacuum that will take all the fine dust away from the point of origin and into the vacuum. The DMDC will not pick up big chunks of concrete or other materials.

The vacuum you use will be doing double duty. It is creating a vacuum that takes away the dust and it is also working to adhere the DMDC to the wall or ceiling. If your vacuum doesn’t generate enough static lift orCFM, the DMDC may not adhere to the wall. Vacuums capable of doing the job can be found on the Vacuums & Systems page of our website.

Do not allow the core bit or hole saw to contact the inside ring of the DMDC.
Continued contact between the DMDC and the core bit will eventually wear out the inner ring of the DMDC.