1. Using the 5/16” Aluminum Mounting Bracket Bolt (E), attach the Aluminum Mounting Bracket ( C ) to the slot in the front base plate adjustment arm of the saw. The Aluminum Mounting Bracket Bolt (E) is mounted with the head of the bolt closest to the saw blade and the nut and lock washer on the outside of the Aluminum Mounting Bracket ( C ). Leave the nut loose enough so that some adjustment is still possible.

2. Using the two Collection Tube Clamp Bolts (D), loosely mount the Collection Tube Clamps, (B) to the small hole on the forward end of the aluminum mounting bracket ( C ).

3. Slide the Collection Tube (A) into the Collection Tube Clamps (B). When the Collection Tube (B) is positioned within 1/4” of the saw blade, firmly tighten both of the Collection Tube Clamp Bolts (D) and the Aluminum Mounting Bracket Bolt (E) firmly so the Collection Tube (A) is stable and will not move.

Tighten the bolts only enough to prevent movement of the Collection Tube (A). The plastic parts of the Saw Muzzle are made of fiberglass filled ABS plastic and they are very durable but they can be damaged from over-tightening the mounting bolts.

4. The Saw Muzzle uses a standard industrial shop type vacuum hose. Insert the male end of the hose into the female (large) end of the collection tube. Use the releasable cable tie to secure the hose to the handle or the cord of your saw so the hose and the saw move as a single unit.

The Saw Muzzle is efficient at any depth of cut. When you change dept of cut, loosen all three of the mounting bolts and move the Saw Muzzle to the most efficient collection spot and retighten the bolts.

The Saw Muzzle requires an industrial grade vacuum in order to perform at maximum efficiency. It is also important that the vacuum has a good filtration system that will not plug up. Vacuums with disposable paper filter bags are available and these bags will normally hold up to 30 pounds of dust before they have to be discarded. Minimum requirements for the vacuum system are 72 inches of water column lift and 100 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow. You may call us for recommendations on reasonably priced vacuum systems.

A. Collection Tube
B. Collection Tube Clamps (2)
C. Aluminum Mounting Bracket
D. Collection Tube Clamp Bolts (2 Each)
E. Aluminum Mounting Bracket Bolt