1. Remove the arbor bolt (C) from the saw. Save for when the saw
used without the Saw Muzzle™ GP.

2. Leave the 3” stabilizer washer (D) on the blade.

3. Remove the Saw Muzzle GP and the mounting clamp (F) from the
bearing carrier (A) by removing the two 6mm mounting clamp bolts (G).

4. Insert the new arbor bolt (C) through the bearing carrier (A) and
then through the spacer (B) so that the recessed side of the spacer
faces the blade.

5. Attach the bearing carrier assembly to the saw with the arbor bolt
(C) and tighten the new arbor bolt (C) to manufacturers

6. Slide the blade between the blade brushes (I) of the collection
chamber (H).

7. Align the mounting clamp (F) on the vacuum pickup tube (E)
making certain that the 6mm mounting clamp bolts (G) are going
through the upper left and lower right holes of the mounting clamp.

8. Attach the mounting clamp (F) to the bearing carrier (A)
making the bolts finger tight.

9. Adjust the vacuum pickup tube (E) up or down so that the
blade almost touches the back of the collection chamber (H).

10. Tighten the mounting clamp bolts (G) evenly. Do not overtighten.

11. Insert the vacuum hose (M) into the top of the vacuum
pickup tube (E).

12. Use the releasable cable tie (K) to secure the vacuum hose
(M) firmly to the upper grab rail (L) on the saw while leaving a
loop of hose between the grab rail and the top of the vacuum
pickup tube (E).

13. Rotate the blade guard (J) clockwise (when seen from the
left side of the saw) so that the rear of the blade guard extends
1/4” to 1/2” past the muffler. This will prevent the Saw Muzzle
from touching the muffler.

A. Bearing carrier
B. Spacer
C. New arbor bolt
D. Stabilizer washer
E. Vacuum pickup tube
F. Mounting clamp
G. Mounting clamp bolts
H. Collection chamber
I. Blade brushes
J. Blade guard
K. Releasable cable tie
L. Upper grab rail (of the saw)
M. The vacuum hose
(not supplied)