The Dust Muzzle Ultra Leatherneck fits all round head electric and
pneumatic grinders. For smaller bearing housings, the flexible adapter ring is used. For larger diameter bearing housings, no adapter ring is necessary.

The Dust Muzzle Ultra Leatherneck can accommodate all 7-8” diamond cup wheels, soft pads, polishing pads and abrasive wheels.

Disconnect your grinder from its power source

1. If necessary, put the ADAPTER RING (1) over the BEARING HOUSING (2) of the grinder. The ADAPTER RING will not be needed on BEARING HOUSINGS (2) over 2.5” in diameter.

2. Trim the FINGERS (3) so the SKIRT (4) of the Dust Muzzle extends 1/8 to 1/4 “ below the face of the ABRASIVE DISK (5). The SKIRT (4) of the Dust Muzzle should touch the work slightly before the ABRASIVE DISK (5) The easiest way to trim the FINGERS (3) is with a scissors. When adjusting the height of the skirt, it is IMPORTANT that the back of the abrasive wheel does not touch the inside of the Dust Muzzle.

3. Place the HOSE CLAMP (6) over the FINGERS (3) of the Dust Muzzle. Spread the fingers of the Dust Muzzle over the BEARING HOUSING (2) or the ADAPTER RING (1) (if it is used) and tighten.

4. Use the SPACER WASHERS (8) if necessary to make small adjustments in the height of the abrasive wheel so the wheel does not tough the inside of the Dust Muzzle.

5. The adjustable EXHAUST PORT (7) of the Dust Muzzle Leatherneck Ultra is made to accept a male 1.25” male hose fitting or the 1.50” hose. The 1.25” hose is the preferred hose because it is lightweight and will not interfere with the operation of the grinder. If a 1.25” lightweight hose is not available, the operator may remove the end fitting of the standard 1.5” vacuum hose and slip it over the adjustable EXHAUST PORT (7).

6. Use the CABLE TIE (9) to secure the vacuum hose to the handle of the grinder.

The Dust Muzzle is unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturers defects.

1. Adapter Ring
2. Bearing Housing
3. Fingers
4. Skirt
5. Abrasive Disk
6. Hose Clamp
7. Exhaust Port
8. Spacer Washers
9. Cable Tie