Dust Collection Products in San Diego manufactures and sells a complete line of dust collectors for hand tools. They are used to contain radioactive concrete dust, paint and composites dust at nuclear sites. They have been used extensively at radioactively contaminated sites such as Hanford, Washington as well as on the Navy’s nuclear powered warships.

Dust Collection Products makes the Chip Muzzle in five sizes. The Chip Muzzle sells for $59.95 and is designed to be an efficient dust collector when used on pneumatic needle scalers. It is excellent for use in nuclear reactors or when removing radioactive contaminants on metal structures, around rivets and on inside corners. The Chip Muzzle can be easily modified to conform to the shape of the work such as an inside miter or a pipe diameter to give maximum efficiency.

The Chip Muzzle is made from fiberglass filled ABS and it is safe to burn for disposal after being used for collecting radioactive dusts. An MSDS sheet is available.

For technical support and information on how to set up a complete HEPA system, call us for free technical support. We have a large inventory of hoses, end fittings, splitters and HEPA vacuums for custom dustless systems.

All Dust Collection Products dust collectors will work efficiently with an industrial vacuum that has at least 90” of static lift, 100 CFM of airflow and replaceable filter bags. (Nacecare 570 vacuum)

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