The original Dust Muzzle and the Dust Muzzle Ultra are excellent at containing and collecting all the airborne pollutants created in the marine repair business including fiberglass, asbestos, anti-fouling paint and wood dusts.

The Dust Muzzles will fit any pneumatic or electric 4-5” or 7-9” grinder.

When used with 4 ½  or 7” silica carbide (Zec™) wheels for blister repair jobs, they allow the operator to remove large amounts of fiberglass quickly and dust free.

When removing anti-fouling bottom paints, they can be used with a 3M or Ferro soft pad and pressure sensitive paper to collect all the toxic bottom paints efficiently and with no obstruction to the worker’s view.

They are excellent for containing the wood dust when sanding and re-finishing teak decks. They allow the worker to do the work in the water without setting up booms and overboard dust collection systems.

The Dust Muzzle has the flexibility needed when working on the curved surfaces of a hull or when removing large amounts of damaged fiberglass. For steel and aluminum boats and ships, the Dust Muzzle is perfect for removing anti-fouling paint and topside paints.

For doing fine finishing work on fiberglass molds, the Dust Muzzle is also available for 2”-3” right angle die grinders. These are also useful for mold polishing and removal of toxic coatings in hard to get to places.

When cutting holes with core bits and hole saws, the Dust Muzzle DC is perfect for dustless drilling holes up to 3” in diameter.

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All Dust Collection Products dust collectors will work efficiently with an industrial vacuum that has at least 90” of static lift, 100 CFM of airflow and replaceable filter bags. (Nacecare 570 vacuum)

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