Using Multiple Dust Muzzles on One Vacuum

Dust Collection Products in San Diego manufactures and sells a complete line of dust collectors for hand tools. They are used to collect toxic materials ranging from lead paint and asbestos to fiberglass, silica dust and radioactive contaminants.

The most commonly used dust collector is the Dust Muzzle. It is available for 4-5” and 7-9” grinders and is priced at $29.50.

Operators often want to know how many dust collection shrouds can be used with one vacuum without overloading the system.

In general, a good industrial vacuum with a bypass motor that produces 90+ inches of static lift and 120+ cubic ft/minute of airflow is capable of running two 4-5” grinders or one 7-9” grinder as long as the vacuum has the proper filtration system.

Larger vacuums that have 180-300 cfm and the same amount of lift are capable of running 2-3 of the large grinders and up to five of the small grinders.

Dust Collection Products has a complete line of vacuums that are capable of running from one to multiple dust collectors per unit. They keep a complete stock all of the splitters, hose end adapters and hoses needed to build these systems.

In addition to the components, Dust Collection Products also has the technical knowledge to design a system specific to your needs. They are experienced in working with OSHA, the EPA guidelines and the new RRP rule governing lead paint removal.

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