The Craft of Concrete Design

Concrete Grinding, Fiberglass Repair

and the Associated Hazards

Using the Dust Muzzle Ultra™ Heavy Duty, 7-8

 Reduce Dust and Fiber Exposure

Dust Collection Products for Concrete Designers


The Craft of Concrete Design

Concrete design possibilities are endless. Concrete is an extraordinary material used to create both texture and color… it’s a perfect medium used to express the relationships between art and craft and between contracting and architecture. Concrete can be summarized as practical, expressive, and aesthetic all at the same time. The adaptability of concrete makes it a perfect material for all areas of building and flooring. Because the malleability of concrete is so great many contractors use tools such as grinders and cutters to sculpt and repair this flexible surface. However, there is another side of concrete design that contractors and building professionals need to be aware of…

Concrete Grinding and Fiberglass Repair, and the Associated Hazards

The issue with extensive use of concrete and masonry products in building today, is the increased potential/risk of exposing construction workers to the hazardous dust particles that are typical in the cutting and grinding process. Grinding surfaces like fiberglass, concrete, wood, paint and epoxies can create toxic dusts that lead to the potential exposure of hazardous substances in the air. Substances in the form of dust or fibers that are found in the construction environment can cause immediate acute health results. Examples of dust and fibers found in the construction environment include silica dust also know as crystalline silica dust, asbestos fibers, metal dust, lead-based paint dust and fiberglass fibers. Issues that can arise from fiber exposure and dust exposure not only include the obvious health issue to construction workers, it also increase the likelihood the contractor may be in violation of not following OSHA compliant laws.

Using the Dust Muzzle to Reduce Dust and Fiber Hazards

Dust Collectors

With the Dust Muzzle Ultra™ Heavy Duty, 7-8, you can contain and collect all the airborne pollutants created in the construction business including silica dust, asbestos, metal, lead-based paint and fiberglass. This new Dust Collection product:

The Dust Muzzle Ultra™ Heavy Duty, 7-8

  • The Most Durable Universal Dust Muzzle
  • Flip up panels for grinding close to the wall
  • Fits for all 4-5″ and 7-9″ grinders
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Accepts both 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ hoses

The Dust Muzzle Ultra™ Heavy Duty, 7-8 comes in two sizes. The DMUHD5 fits all 4″-5″ grinders and the DMUHD8 fits all 7″-9″ grinders. When the Dust Muzzle Ultra™ Heavy Duty, 7-8 is connected to a 2hp industrial vacuum it is the most efficient and durable Dust Muzzle available for right angle grinders.

At Dust Muzzle, the soul of our philosophy is to focus on helping concrete designers, concrete artisans, and decorative flooring contractors create form and function in their concrete designs while providing them with the tools needed to maintain a safe environment that is dust free and fiber free.


Dust Muzzle provides the Dust Collection tools concrete and flooring contractors need to eliminate silica dust, fiberglass, drywall dust, anti-fouling paint and other toxic contaminates. We help them put form and function in all of their concrete grinding, concrete repairs, fiberglass repairs, and decorative flooring projects.

Dust Muzzle, helping concrete and flooring contractors manage their concrete business in a DUST FREE environment.

Dust Collection Products in San Diego manufactures and sells a complete line of dust collectors for hand tools.

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