200 CFM Dual Vacuum Combiner System for Connecting two Vacuums to One x 2″ (I.D.) Hose


This hose upgrade will connect two 100 CFM vacuums with standard 1 1/2″ hoses to create an OSHA compatible 200 CFM system for grinding with 7″ blades and wheels. The system comes with a “Y” connector that combines the two hoses, 25′ of 2″ industrial grade hose and all the connectors and end fittings necessary to combine the suction and airflow of two smaller vacuums into one large system. The larger diameter 2″ hose reduces internal friction in the hose and provides higher CFM at the hose end. This is especially important when making runs of 50 ft. or more. Longer lengths of hose are available upon request.MoreInfo




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