Our heavy-duty rolling cart is designed for years of continuous service. It accepts all of the left-bladed worm drive saws such as Skil™, Bosch™ and Makita. Although it is made to be used with the worm drive saws, it can also be adapted to work with other saws including right-bladed models.

The rolling cart is made of heavy gauge aluminum and is fitted with rugged polyurethane wheels. It’s substantial weight, 17 pounds, and long wheel base make it a stable platform for cutting die-straight lines. It is excellent for jobs where the operator will be cutting thousands of lineal feet of scoring or 1/4″ channel.

The handle is adjustable to many positions. The saw is easily mounted to the base of the rolling cart and is triggered through a handle-mounted switch.

The rolling cart can be purchased separately or as part of a system. Complete systems are available on our Vacuum and Systems page where it is paired with different blades and the our vacuum.