The Dust Muzzle DC Hands Free Dust Collection for Hole Saws, Core Bits and Hammer Drills


(Part# DM1DC, Part# DM2DC, Part# DM3DC)

The Dust Muzzle DC is a modification of the Dust Muzzle that allows the operator to collect dust when using hole saws and core bits. It is available for 2″ and 3″ hole saws.

Video Installation Instructions

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Photo Gallery

Castellations are cut into the inverted collar of the Dust Muzzle DC, creating an area of negative pressure surrounding the core bit.

The vacuum suction will hold the Dust Muzzle to the overhead for hands free drilling.

The Dust Muzzle DC being used for cutting on a vertical surface.

The vacuum suction will hold the DM1DC to a vertical surface

The DM1DC for bits 1-4″ -1″


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