The Dust Muzzle™ Ultra Leatherneck


(Part# DMULN)

• The Most Vertical Flexibility for Flooring Contractors
• For Use with Zec Silica Carbide Wheels and Diamond Cup Wheels
• Over 2″ of Vertical Flexibility

The Dust Muzzle Leatherneck is an extremely durable, easy to install Dust Muzzle that is designed with the floor installer in mind. Because of it’s extreme vertical flexibility, it can accommodate 7″ discs as thin as the 1/4″ thick silica carbide Zec™ wheels or the very deep diamond cup wheels. It can also accommodate the 8″ soft pad sanding discs and backup pads. The Dust Muzzle Ultra Leatherneck uses the same completely universal neck design as the high density polypropylene Dust Muzzle Ultra so the operator can attach it to any grinder with any depth of wheel. Its 1 1/2″ exhaust port swivels over 180 degrees and makes the Leatherneck excellent for picking up the large debris created when grinding thin set, wood floors or heavy paints and glues.

Installation Instructions



Installs in Minutes
Excellent for Large Debris
Over 2″ of Vertical and Horizontal Flexibility
Fits all 7-8″ Right Angle Grinders
Replacement Parts Available

The Dust Muzzle Leatherneck comes in one size that fits all 7-8” right angle grinders. The Ultra attachment system insures that it will fit all your grinders.

A steel ring lines the inside of the Leatherneck skirt to help capture small debris and reduce wear when grinding on abrasive materials.

An outer plastic ring is also provided. This ring will protect the baseboard when working close to the walls and it can be rotated to various positions to assure complete suction on irregular surfaces.

The Leatherneck is designed to take either the standard lightweight step-down hose or, you can un-screw the end fitting on your standard 1.5” vacuum hose and slip the bare hose right over the exhaust port.

How the Dust Muzzle Leatherneck Works
The Dust Muzzle Leatherneck uses a flexible cover attached to a steel ring and a plastic skirt to provide the most vertical movement of any grinder shroud on the market. The skirt of the Leatherneck is designed to be flexed so the operator can work close to the wall. The spring steel ring inside the skirt of the Leatherneck provides the memory that returns the Leatherneck to its original shape.

The Leatherneck was designed with generous tolerances both inside the skirt and in the exhaust port so the operator will be able to pick up large debris such as wood chips, thin set, mortar and large chunks of paints and epoxies.

The Leatherneck is specially designed for the operator who will be using a wide variety of wheels on his grinder. Because of it’s vertical flexibility, it can accommodate the thinnest backup plates such as the silica carbide Zec™ wheels or the deepest wheels like the 24 segment diamond cup wheels we sell for removing concrete.

OSHA 2017 Silica Dust Requirements specify a HEPA vacuum with 220 CFM for diamond wheels 7″ in diameter.
To be compliant the contractor will a need vacuum with the following specs.
220 CFM Vacuum System

Fits virtually 7-8” electric right angle grinders with round bearing housings.

Excellent for diamond cup wheels, Zec™ wheels and thin backup pads

Works well with sanding discs and soft pad sanders

Up to 95% efficient when used with a 2hp industrial vacuum system

Replacement parts available

Photo Gallery

The Dust Muzzle Ultra Leatherneck on a Bosch 7″ grinder

The Dust Muzzle Ultra Leatherneck on a Milwaukee 8″ grinder

The Dust Muzzle Ultra Leatherneck at Full Height for Diamond Wheels

The Dust Muzzle Ultra Leatherneck Collapsed for use with thin Silica Carbide WheelsSpare parts are vailable:Leatherneck Shroud $59.95
Leatherneck Hub $39.95


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