The Saw Muzzle GP


(Part# SMGPM, Part# SMGPS, Part# SMGPP)

The Saw Muzzle is made to work with the left bladed gas-powered cutoff saws with blade diameters from 10″-16″. It is easily installed and very efficient when used with a 2hp industrial vacuum system. It is excellent for making deep cuts in concrete and other materials that make toxic dusts.

Please read important notes on the more info page before purchasing.

Video Installation Instructions

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Fits Stihl, Makita, Partner, Husqvarna and Other Gas-Powered Saws
Installs in Minutes
The Saw Muzzle GP is designed to work with the left side bladed gas-powered saws to collect point of origin dust created from cutting concrete, fiberglass or any other materials that create toxic dusts. Use the Saw Muzzle GP Cross Reference to order the correct Saw Muzzle for your saw.

How the Saw Muzzle GP works
The Saw Muzzle GP is made from fiberglass filled ABS plastic. It is durable and abrasion resistant. The Saw Muzzle uses the centrifugal forces generated by the saw blade to direct the dust into the collection box of the Saw Muzzle.

The unique bearing carrier mounting system allows the Saw Muzzle GP to swing freely through the entire arc of the blade. When the Saw Muzzle is connected to an industrial grade 2hp vacuum system, it can remove up to 99% of the dusts created at the point of origin.

The Saw Muzzle is excellent for cutting long runs up to 5″ deep in concrete.

Important Notes on the Saw Muzzle GP

The Saw Muzzle GP is not intended for making short cuts in brick or cinder block.

The Saw Muzzle Type E (Part SMEB) or Saw Muzzle for Skil saws (Part SMS) are the best Saw Muzzles for making shorter cuts.

The Saw Muzzle GP is best suited for making a single, long deep cut in concrete. Because the Saw Muzzle GP uses the shape of the newly cut concrete to direct the dust into the collection box, it is not efficient when making multiple cuts. If the operator makes a second cut, dust will escape and the Saw Muzzle will be less efficient.

When used with a 14″ blade, the maximum depth of cut that can be obtained is 3″ because the collection box limits the amount of blade that can be put into the concrete. If the operator needs a deeper cut, a wedge shaped piece of the blade guard may be removed. This will allow the blade to cut up to the stabilization washer. The operator should check with the manufacturer of the saw to determine if this will affect the safety of the saw or void the warranty.

OSHA 2017 Silica Dust Requirements specify a HEPA vacuum with a minimum of 175 CFM for blades 7″ in diameter and greater. For better efficiency with the Saw Muzzle GP it is recommended to use a vacuum system with a minimum of 175 CFM.
220 CFM Vacuum System

The Saw Muzzle GP for the Partner Electric Saw

Unlike most electric cut-off saws that are fitted with a base plate, the
Partner electric cut-off saw is built like the gas-powered saws without a
base plate. The SMGPE is specially designed for the right side bladed
Partner electric cut-off saws.

Mounts easily with a single bolt
Works with most Gas-Powered cut-off saws
One model fits all blade diameters, 10″-16″
Up to 99% efficient when used with a 2hp industrial vacuum system

Important Notes on the Saw Muzzle for Partner Saws
Partner has recently changed from an 8mm arbor bolt to a 10mm arbor bolt. When ordering for Partner or Husqvarna saws, please choose either SMGPP8 or SMGPP10 from the product # tab on the landing page. To determine which bolt your saw has, measure the threads, not the head of the bolt.
8mm = .315″ (5/16).
10MM = .393″, just over 3/8″

Photo Gallery

The Saw Muzzle GP mounted on a Stihl Gas-Powered Saw

The Saw Muzzle GP Mounted on a Makita Gas-Powered Saw

The Saw Muzzle GP Mounted on a Partner Gas-Powered Saw

The Saw Muzzle GP mounted on a Partner 14” Electric Cut-off saw

The Bearing Carrier Mounting Bracket for the Saw Muzzle GP

The Saw Muzzle GP with a 220 CFM HEPA vacuum system

The saw blade runs between two nylon brushes on the top of the Saw Muzzle collection chamber

A machined aluminum bearing carrier and extended arbor bolt mount the Saw Muzzle to the demo saw.


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